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Baby carrier

You carry your baby straight against your body, with its head on your chest.

Its bottom is low and its upper legs are spread and high; in the M-position or ‘frog position’.
This ergonomic method of carrying is recommended by paediatricians as it supports babies’ hip development.
A newborn’s legs are still close together. As your child grows, its legs spread and eventually you will be able to carry it on your hip (instead of against your chest). Especially curious toddlers enjoy being carried on the hip as it allows for excellent views all around!

The Mini Sling is not water tight, but it is waterproof, so you can get it wet. And once wet, it dries again within 30 minutes. This makes it the ideal baby carrier to use in the shower, on the beach or at the pool. The sling is made out of a mesh fabric, so as well as being waterproof, it is very light and airy, making it ideal for warm days. In short, the Mini Sling is a must-have if you take your 'little monkey' on a trip!