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The comforting night light means the cup can be placed anywhere near your little ones bed and still be easy to find - it's also light sensitive so you don't need to remember to turn it off.

Litecup's clever reduced spill system minimises lifes frustrations and clean up time from knocks, drops and spills and supports the bottle to beaker transition. The 360 degree drinking edge means little ones can drink at any angle, plus no straws or spouts for comfort sucking.

Very easy to clean, Litecup is robust enough for every day use and is also great for travel.

Suitable for all non-fizzy, cold drinks

The clean and fun design works for anyone from 6 months up

The cup includes a light sensitive LED light unit that sits in the base of the cup. The light makes the cup glow gently at night providing a blue comforting glow and ensuring your child will always find their drink. It is turned on/off with a sturdy push of a button.

It is important to note that the battery/light pack MUST be removed prior to wash.